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Saol Project

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Saol Project

Mission Statement
Saol is a community project focused on improving the lives of women affected by addiction and poverty

Vision Statement
Saol is working towards transforming the way in which Ireland responds to addiction and poverty.

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Women of the Year 2019 »

Women of the Year 2019 And the winners are...

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Global campaign for the Philippines »

Global campaign for the Philippines We call on human rights advocates, UN agencies, member states, media and individuals who believe that every human life is of value to take action. Duterte’s regime has shown us the worst of humanity; cruelty, degradation and persecution of people who use drugs and communities. Link to Amnesty International's petition is included on this page

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Check-in and Check-out cards »

Check-in and Check-out cards A set of cards to assist groups with starting and finishing!

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Games Group »

Games Group The Group Games compendium: Now with 21 new games added!!

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Reduce the Use 3 »

Reduce the Use 3 Launch of the 3rd Edition of Reduce the Use, March 2018. Access your free download by clicking on the image on the page.

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From the Archives »

From the Archives "Bringing female drug users in from the margins"

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Our Life, Our Voice, Our Say »

Our Life, Our Voice, Our Say CAN (Community Action Network) along with SURI (Service Users Rights in Action) have published a report on the treatment of service users in addiction settings. SAOL participants and staff were involved in collecting some of the data. Here is the report and its summary

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'Happy is the City' film »

'Happy is the City' film Funded through the NICLDTF, this film is a call for the voices of the poor to be heard.

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BRIO BRIO: ‘Building Recovery Inwards and Outwards’, is about learning the skills of peer working, and using the strengths gained from your own experiences to help support others in their journey.

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A Pocket History of SAOL »

A Pocket History of SAOL A brief history of the actions of the SAOL Project since 1995

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Web Stats »

Web Stats SAOL Project keeps an eye on our website!

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Services Timetable »

    Services Timetable Our weekly timetable is available here:

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Referral Form »

Referral Form Please download a PDF copy of our new referral form on the following page

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SAOL Project is proudly supported by...

North Inner City Drugs Task ForceHealth Services ExceutiveThe Probation ServiceDepartment of Social ProtectionCity of Dublin Education and Training BoardPobal

SAOL is an integrated programme of education, rehabilitation, advocacy and childcare. The SAOL Project’s on-going commitment to the women, children and community members of the North Inner City continues to develop, responding to the changing needs of the women who participate in our project with creativity and commitment. SAOL has worked over the last 23 years to promote the needs of female drug users and their children. We have tried to highlight the many extra difficulties that face women who use drugs including the stigma attached to being a mother who uses drugs, fears about the impact drug use might be having on their children but also fears about losing children because of their drug use. While all of these are reasons that can attract women to treatment, they are also reasons why women tend to stay away from sources of help. At best there is a ratio of 2:1 men to women in drug treatment; throughout Europe that figure lengthens to 3:1. Women who use drugs have different needs to men who use drugs. A strong and confident voice is required to shout out that female drug users have needs that are not always recognised or met by the services they attend. SAOL is dedicated to improving the services for female drug users in general and particularly for our area - we call on all service providers to examine their response to women and adjust their practice appropriately.

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