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Saol Project

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Saol Project

Mission Statement
Saol is a community project focused on improving the lives of women affected by addiction and poverty

Vision Statement
Saol is working towards transforming the way in which Ireland responds to addiction and poverty.

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Tuesday 13th October in the Mansion House

Gary starts things off at the Mansion House, October 13th 2015.  Today, SAOL will launch IC2, Solas sa SAOL and Individual Worksheets manual for RTU

Not looking too anxious before their speeches: Emily Reaper with Belinda and Ger

Belinda promotes IC2, a new peer manual guiding people on HCV

Emily Reaper, UISCE

Gary promoting IC2, in case you hadn't heard!

Ger looking very serios as she promotes Solas sa SAOL

 Serious Ger with a serious audience!

 Tea and Scones

 The worshops begin

Worshop group with Jennifer in full flow

 Mairead, Linda, Louise and Orla - our peer group facilitators

High risk?

Ger, still looking serious during the Solas workshop

The team with Lord Mayor Criona Ní Dálaigh - is that Ger smiling?

Yes, she's definitely smiling!

 Ger relaxes in her home from home

14th October, 2015 on Rosie Hackett Bridge

Meet me on the Bridge

Ger, still smiling!

Thumbs up from Tracey

Feel the love! Monika and Lisa strike a pose with Yvonne photo-bombing

Hello from Cathleen

Hello from Louise too!

Even the babies came.

We're over here!

Linda, Belinda, Geraldine, Joan and Laura

The roles we play!

True photo-bombing

The actual photo!

Later on the same day, back in SAOL

The CE women rocking it out with John Martyn's 'May You Never'

The crowd with their worries

Cathleen introduces the rosie Hackett drama 

 Drama group in full flow

Leah, Lisa and Louise - only 'Ls' allowed

Tracey causing tears!

And now Veroinca is at it!

 Our resident artist, Mary

Rich Branding arrives to launch 'Pauvre'

Ger hands out the Pauvre Party Bags containing an invitation to nothing, an evicition notice and some butter vouchers (among other things!)

Belinda enjoying the fun without anti-depressants!

Friday 16th 2015, Wynn's Hotel

Joe Costello, TD, Gary Broderick, Minister Aodhán Ó Riordáin

Catriona Crowe, chairperson of SAOL with Minister Ó Riordáin

TDs together - Maureen O'Sullivan, Aodhán and Joe

The Minister launches our Strategic Plan

 It all looks very serious!

Seanie and Joan tell us how it all happened

 A closer look at them!

 Gary talks about the Strategic Plan with all the SAOL Doors in the background!

 Pre-performance Haka

Rosie Hackett play underway

Gary with international visitors all the way from Athlone!

 Barry and Amy (Ashleigh house)

 Joe 'giving keys' to Michelle (we wish!)

The drama group in hair nets

Worries following us everywhere

Belinda, Nessan, Joan and Ger

A great week!


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