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Saol Project

Mission Statement
Saol is a community project focused on improving the lives of women affected by addiction and poverty

Vision Statement
Saol is working towards transforming the way in which Ireland responds to addiction and poverty.

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The feedback from this event will follow in the form of a report from the participants completeing their Community Research studies.  We hope to have their report in the autumn.  Until then, a few pictures of the Community Chat Forum event:

Orla introduces her colleagues speaking/facilitating at the gathering: (L to R) Adrienne, Jade, Siobhan, Linda, Mairead and Edel

The gathering took place in Charleville Mall Library - our thanks to them for hosting us so kindly and with such ease.  You can see one of our local TDs, Joe Costello, stitting discretely at the back!

Mel, our local drug and alcohol task force co-ordinator speaking at the event.  He said he was delighted to be there and highlighted the importance of community consultation - so that local voices can be gheard in the new drugs strategy.  Local voices, he suggested, will lead to better ideas for local safety, for better support for those in recovery and for making a difference in those communities where addiction has caused such obvious hardship.

Group discussions got under-way under the topics of Relationships, Accomodation/Housing, Health and Childcare - all issues first raised at the 'It's Talk Time' event last March.

Maedhbh in full flow at the table on Accomodation!

 Serious faces on the topic of Relationships.

Pamela writing up the notes for the feedback session, "Slow down Vanessa, I can't write that quickly!"

Throughout the morning, individual questionnaires were completed by any of the women who wanted to make sure that their voice was definitely heard.  These questionaires will be compiled into a peer-research report completed by Community Research group (a group of SAOL participants who have spent 8 weeks learning about research with Deirdre in Community Technical Aid) and are now willing to put their learning into practice.

Deirdre (from CTA) and Jennifer checking through the questionnaire.

Belinda chatting to Joe Costello, T.D., Be careful, Joe, she's after something!!

Looks like everybody is after tea and cooffee now - Linda and Orla helping themselves!

During the feedback session all groups had an opportunity to share their thoughts.  The research group will compile the material and make it avaialble as soon as they can.

And the reward for all the hard work? A stunningly beautiful Irish summer's day!


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