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Saol Project

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Saol Project

Mission Statement
Saol is a community project focused on improving the lives of women affected by addiction and poverty

Vision Statement
Saol is working towards transforming the way in which Ireland responds to addiction and poverty.

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We’ll hysterically tell you of historical fact

‘Bout a century that started when our people fought back

Men and women together claimed a Republic for all,

Well, one with women at home and the men in the Dáil.


Oh, the Church and the State got in bed together

To make sure that the men had the finest of weather

Single women, too, were granted a ‘supportive’ decree

To ensure they got married and baby makes three.


Yes, each decade demanded support for the nation

With guaranteed commitment to holy procreation

And as families got bigger, they’d no choice but to flee

Missing ‘Gay Byrne’ and ‘Bosco’ and ‘The Rose of Tralee’.


So with music and drama and fashion galore,

SAOL’s C.E. fashionistas will take to the floor.

And they’ll show you that even though women are still oppressed,

Like their foremothers before them, they fight it well dressed.

Catriona and Minnie Gussett

Minnie being watched by Eamon de McQuaid

Jean 1920s style

Connie relaxes into the 1930s

Minnie giving it loads!

Nichola - notice the remains of Louise's flowers on the catwalk!

Nichola is blinded by the projector while Connie and Susan stroll with style!

Kim swishing the 40s

The Black Widow! AKA Charlene


Kim and Charlene 

Adrienne describes the action with Ray managing the models!

Louise takes the 50s by storm

Geraldine looking the very embodiment of 50s panache!

Corina gets in on the act too

Clodagh shyly steps out

A purple haze from Rose

1960s bra burning

Nichola's tangarine dream

Charlene joins in with the 1970s 

Charlene, Minnie and Gloria Gaynor - I won't survive!

Elegance 1980s style from Sharon

Lady and the punk!

 Geraldine and Cyndi, 'Girls just wanna have fun'

Definitely having fun!

Such brio from Theresa

BOOM! Shaking the room with Sue

You don't own me; you don't own any of us

Sstanding ovation

Adrienne, take a bow


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