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Saol Project

Mission Statement
Saol is a community project focused on improving the lives of women affected by addiction and poverty

Vision Statement
Saol is working towards transforming the way in which Ireland responds to addiction and poverty.

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Hepatitis C treatment has changed. We now have drugs that will cure Hepatitis C . They are expensive and there are limits to their accessibility; but they exist and access to them can only get better. If you have Hepatitis C., it can be cured.

The trouble is that, within the drug using communities there tends to be 2 responses to Hepatitis C :

1. It’s only Hepatitis C - at least its not THE virus6

2. The treatment is really harsh and you have to be off everything and it only works for a few people.

These 20 short testimonies will tell you 2 new things:

1. There’s no ‘only’ when it comes to Hepatitis C—it’s a serious thing but it is now curable.

2. The treatment is no longer as harsh as it was. It lasts only 12 weeks and the side-effects are manageable with a bit of preparation and a good circle of support. The old stories about Hepatitis C are out of date and no longer accurate. Read these stories for a more accurate picture. 

On Friday 28th July 2017 we launched Hep C Stories and held a graduation for those who had completed the IC2 Peer to Peer training programme.  Participants from Saol, Ballyfermot Star, NWICN, Maple House, Chrysalis and ALDP graduated.  Here are some pictures from the event: 

Transporting all our belongings to the event in The Lab on Foley Street - poor Belinda, Adrienne and Vanessa!

Ok, now you're just milking it!

"Belinda introduces the event - notice the use of line, the subtle blend of silvers of greys and the sense of importance created by the upper tilt of the head and the sense of pushing out by the hands - only a true genius of photogrpahy could have taken that shot", Quote from Ray Hegarty Photography Ltd.

Gary congratulates all the graduates, recalling all those who died of Hepatitis and thanked those who worked to create the new medication.

Louise shared her story with us and demonstrated how important it is to get Hepatiitis cleared from your liver by leaving the room early to go on holiday!

Special thanks to Jean Flanagan, Clinical Nurse Specialist for Hepatitis C, who spoke at the event and then gave out all the certificates tot he graduands.  Here she is with Jess.

Ray poses beside the 'Hep See' photogrpahs that were part of todays event - visiual expressions of the journey to Hep C negative results.

Maureen O'sullivan, Belinda and Gary show Ray what real posing looks like.  Our thanks to Maureen O'Sullivan for coming to the event and for her words of encouragement to all the participants who were graduating as Hep C peers for their communities.

More stylish photography as jean models the Hep C Free look for 2017

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