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Saol Project

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Saol Project

Mission Statement
Saol is a community project focused on improving the lives of women affected by addiction and poverty

Vision Statement
Saol is working towards transforming the way in which Ireland responds to addiction and poverty.

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Here are some of the pictures from a simple, beautiful event that encourages women at any stage of recovery to stand up and be proud, while at the same time, join with women around the globe in demanding more action on the daily threat of interpersonal and domestic violence.  This is our third year of doing this and we were inspired by the recovery movement 'out from under the bridge' which encourages people in recovery to become more visible in their communites.  We were also inspired by the women of the congo and ruand who met on a bridge which joins their two countries and joined hands, calling attention to the violence of war and its particular abuse of women.  You can see and read more about this movement at

Here are some of the photographs from that event, held this year on 14th October.

Our safety officer leads us to Rosie Hackett Bridge!

Our safety officer leads us to Rosie Hackett Bridge

Obviously enjoying her role. Sabrina looks on , bewildered!

Love the hat.

Getting the speech ready for later - go Paula

Rose and Jane tambourine us into action, with Rose demonstarating how to reach our to the people either side of you!  

Go Rose!!  Really getting into the spirit of things now

Linking North Dublin to South Dublin 'Bra Style'

Here we go...

Raise them high, Monica


We made it to the Southside!

Less energetic help from some passing boys!

Dave gets more into the spirit of things.



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