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Saol Project

Mission Statement
Saol is a community project focused on improving the lives of women affected by addiction and poverty

Vision Statement
Saol is working towards transforming the way in which Ireland responds to addiction and poverty.

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September 2010

Liberty Hall was the venue for the North Inner city Drug Task Force's 'Together - Making a Difference' exhibition on the 27th September. Aside from Joan Byrne's speech at the event, SAOL was well represented - as the photos below indicate. Our thanks and congratulations to Patricia, Mel and Miriam for all your work and organisational skills.

September 2010

Congratulations to all those who received certificates for their participation in the Xplore Programme. Who said talking about our addiction experiences had to be hard?!

September 2010

The SAOL girls and boy were flying high today as they had a look at Dublin from on high! Complained that the 'in-house' recorded description of the view didn't say much about the Northside - they'd better get their act together given their location!

August 2010

Completion of FETAC Modules in 'Food and Nutrition', 'Food and Cookery', 'Living in a Diverse Society' and 'Textiles' meant that certificates needed to be handed out. the ceremony took place on Friday 27th August, 2010. Congratulations to all.

The day also saw the departure of our Education Workers, and we wish her much success in her new path along with thanks for the work she did during her time with us.

July 2010

In a story that hit all the national headlines, one of the SAOL sisters came to the rescue of an Antartican Cousin. Sandra found Kelli the penguin outside her front door and swung into action! The pictures and story below come from the Daily Mirror (Saturday 10th July)

June/July 2010

During June and July, the SAOL Sisters found their Mojo. As part of their Music Appreciation FETAC module, they recorded a self-penned song called 'My children, My Life'. The song used the music from Cat Steven's 'Father and Son' and therefore, for copyright purposes, we cannot make it available here. But if you drop by SAOL, we might just play it for you!

May 10th 2010

SAOL at the Council of Europe. Gary Broderick went to Strasbourg to take part in the Pompidou Group's Conference on Stimulant Abuse Treatment. SAOL's presentation is available on request.

May 2010

Two new initiatives start this month - and both for mothers and their children. The Mother and Baby Group began on the 5th May and will meet every Wednesday at 10:30a.m. As the name suggests, it's a support group for mothers with new babies (anyone under 12mths old). A relaxed and peaceful environment where nappies, bottles and baby-talk is not only normal but fully expected!

The second group is the Mother and Child Group - a group designed to give a bit of time to busy mothers and busy children. Built around activities like cooking, art and trips, this group hopes to provide a space for mothers and children to spend some good time together away from the busy home environment. All activities will be negotiated with the participants and again, the group is open to anyone from the North Inner City - although, if we don't know you we'll have to get to know you first before bringing you into the group. You do, of course, have to bring your mother with you. And if it suits better, we'll arrange sessions for mothers and children or families on their own. Groups currently take place on Monday afternoons.

For more details contact Anne Marie or Lara.

28th April 2010

Arpilleras are 3D textiles from Latin America made by women during the dictatorship of General Pinochet and tell the stories of their lives. On 28th April, LYCS hosted a workshop on the Arpillera, conducted by Roberta Bacic, a Chilean curator and human rights activist.Our participants, having just recently completed their module on arts and craft, related very well to the medium – as expressed in the pictures below.

20th April 2010

A quiet Tuesday in April saw the start of the first afternoon 'Reduce the Use' group - a support for any woman from the North Inner City who is reducing or stopping her drug use. For more details see the 'Reduce the Use' page on this site. Self referral as well as professional referral are welcome. Contact Ger for more details

March 31st 2010

Congratulations to our participants who graduated in their FETAC Personal Development and Presentation module - a great celebration with photographs below to prove it!

March 5th 2010

In celebration of International Women's Day 2010, SAOL participants took part in the Local Global Women's Partnership event celebrating women's creativity and dreams. Congratulations to all for a wonderful event - some of the photos below indicate how much fun was had!

Graduation and Open Day, November 2009

Our hard working participants were graduating from their modules on Child Development and Play and Introduction to Art in November, so we used the occasion to invite in friends and family members to see the new garden, smoking area and beautifully painted building. Our thanks to all who attended and congratulations to those who graduated:

October 2009

Our congratulations are sent to Ger O'Rourke who, this month, graduated from her BA Degree in Applied Addiction Studies with First Class Honours. Her final thesis on addiction to crack cocaine in the North Inner city has helped the SAOL Project further formulate our response to stimulant addiction in the area. Maith an cailín.

October 2009

With the guidance of Business in the Community, SAOL was connected up with KPMG and on October 16th, SAOL welcomed by a gang of KPMG volunteers armed with paint-brushes, overalls and paint. Our building was fantastically re-decorated, emerging with newly painted stairs, training rooms, computer room and sensory room. KPMG went further by putting down new carpets throughout the building. Thank you all so much - a good environment makes all the difference for our participants and our staff.

September 2009

In support of the Community Sector, the Trade Unions organised a major march to Government buildings from Parnell Square to highlight the role of the Community Sector and the unfairness of the proposed cuts to this sector. SAOL participants happily joined in, adding their voices to this important demonstration.

August 2009

Through funding from Dublin Bus and the NICDTF, we were able to renovate the garden and put down all-weather grass (so that the children have access all year round; we were also able to make our smoking shelter compliant to Health and Safety standards. The following pictures show how the finished product came about!

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